Disappointing news… Firefly Cruise 2009 is indefinitely postponed.  After a lot of deliberation we have made the decision to postpone Firefly Cruise 2009 (aka Browncoat Cruise 2) until a later date, yet to be determined.

Sadly, a combination of factors beyond our direct control have made it inadvisable for us to take the financial gamble at this time.  Obviously the economy in general has been a major factor.  Additionally the general perception of safety or possible lack there-of in Mexico has lead to a number of our potential guests and fans into having second thoughts.  We had received (luke warm) assurances from the powers-that-be that we need not worry, but based on a fair number of emails, that hasn’t been quite enough to assure everyone that it’s safe enough.

Due to these and some other minor issues we’ve come to the conclusion we would probably lose money on this event at the currently planned time.  So we have put our plans on hold until we see a bit more light at the end of the tunnel.  And for the record, in case anybody was concerned (Flan 2), we hadn’t started accepting orders, so nobody is in need of reimbursement.

So keep your eyes here and on Whedonesque.com for any updates.


I wanted to drop in and let you all know the latest.  Due to a lack of cooperation from Royal Caribbean with big groups, we are probably changing things up a bit.  We are most likely NOT going to be cruising with Royal Caribbean.  I can’t say who yet but it will be a better cruise.  We had also received a lot of feedback from folks that went on the first cruise, and many of you were disappointed it was going to be the same two destinations as last time.  So that will very likely be changing as well.  Our current number one option is going to be going to three destinations and only one of them will be the same (Cabo).  As a result of these changes the dates will also be changing a bit as well.  It will most likely be around the same dates as Browncoat Cruise #1, right around the first week of December.  And we will still be leaving from San Diego.

Final details on all this are being worked out and as soon as we have locked it all down, we’ll let you know.

Fellow Browncoats, friends and family, we are proud to announce Firefly Cruise 2009!  

A real website will be coming soon, in the mean time here are some early details.  More details soon.

When: November 7-12, 2009

Where: Sailing from San Diego to the beautiful Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada Mexico.

How: On the beautiful Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas

Who: You of course, and some special guests to be announced.  Brought to you by many of the same folks that brought you Browncoat Cruise 2007, and Done The Impossible.

What: A cruise! Duh!

Why: Because it was soo much fun the first time, we couldn’t resist doing it again.

Join our interest list now by sending an email to info@fireflycruise.com